Wildwood COtD : Four of Stones

The Four of Stones offers us protection today. Given that the wind is near to blowing a gale, the rain is coming in at 45 degrees and it’s chilly out there, the protection is well needed!

Four of Stones

However, it’s not just from the elements that we need or want protecting. We sometimes need to take shelter from life, from others that might cause us harm. We may have over extended ourselves, which means we need more than rest, we really do need to take shelter and just hide, taking practical measures today.

The Stones don’t just offer us physical protection, there’s also psychic and self psychological protection. We’re creatures of habit and we have emotional needs, but we do have this horrible human knack of asking for love and support from people who frankly, we should walk away from.

Carrying on from the card yesterday and its stoic message and the Alder from Sunday, how you appear to others isn’t how you often think of yourself or indeed how you think you appear to others. It’s always an eye opener and sometimes, so not welcome!

I explained the back history of why I no longer live in Scotland to someone today. The extent that my parents went to in order to provide that protection is I feel, the last resort. They too agree that it was drastic, but the other options were exhausted by that point. In order to ensure that they and theirs was protected, they did something incredibly brave: They moved 500 miles. Lock, stock and barrel with a stubborn eight and three and a half year old in tow.

In order to ensure that you and yours are protected, are you prepared to go to those extremes? Or have you other defences you can put up in order to protect yourself? And whilst I will always love Glasgow and a part of me still lives in Scotland, home is where the heart and my family reside. Where is your home? Where is your heart? Protect them and yourself, is the message today and indeed, this week!

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Wildwood COtD : Four of Stones
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