Wildwood CotD : Major #0 ~ The Wanderer


Today the Wildwood reminds me to let go of my past emotions, leave the baggage and nonsense behind and take a bold step forward. That, might *not* be as easy to do but then, it’s not a Major card for nothing! If it were that easy, it would be a minor card.

Major 0
The Wanderer

What have I got that I need to get rid of? Oh, bad emotions and thoughts. Since the Halloween full moon is now waning, it’s a perfect time to meditate and let go of that nonsense, so best I get down to it!

However, I really haven’t made sense of the nonsense that is going around in my head. I know it’s negative stuff, but I want to sit down and work out why it’s negative, why I feel what I do. However, the Wildwood has other ideas. Maybe in working out the whys and all the what-for, won’t be very helpful. It’ll just trap me, like the RWS 8 of Swords. The power to get myself out of it is mine.

I’m really not in the mood to be trapped down like that either, so I guess I’d better shift my perspective and get myself up off the ground and get on with it.

What does The Wanderer say to you today? Is he/she taking you on an adventure? Do you just need to start a new chapter, with no background baggage? Do you need to change perspectives so you can start again? Or have you a new project land on your lap that you’re now itching to go and do? There are so many possibilities for this card and it comes up on a Friday! So, enjoy the weekend! I know we will: Probably sorting out the fireplace in the front room.

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Wildwood CotD : Major #0 ~ The Wanderer
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