Wildwood CotD : Major #8 ~ The Stag

It’s the start of the week and we have The Wildwood’s answer to Justice raise his shield and axe at us.

Major 8
The Stag

I often think of his shield as a drum, rather than a shield, but to be honest, it’s probably both. That hafted axe though, there is no mistaking. It’s a weapon and a tool. No messing around with thing there!

The Stag represents nature, which has no concepts of forgiveness and reward, those are human things. What you reap, you have sown. What you do that is right and generous may bring fulfilment and peace, greed and vengeful desire bring loneliness and disillusion. The justice The Stag dispenses is long-lasting: both merciful and inevitable.

We’re guests of this planet, its caretakers. We entrust this world to the next generation and the next generation beyond that. If we’re lucky, we’ll see our descendants a few generations down before we leave the mortal coil.

Personally, there needs to be some kind of adjustment. There may already have been or some interaction may have taken place. You either need to, or you have been responsible. We humans put a lot of self rules and regulations upon ourselves and call it “society”. There is a realignment somewhere within us, either on a political, moral or perception level.

Today, we need honesty and integrity at our side and trust to right and appropriate action. Good luck with that, especially on a Monday!

If you’d like help in doing this, you can book me for a reading via this page.

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Wildwood CotD : Major #8 ~ The Stag
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