Wildwood CotD : Queen of Arrows

Today we are joined by the graceful and beautiful, muted white Swan, who represents the persona of the Queen of Arrows here in the Wildwood.

Queen of Arrows
The Swan

The Queen of Arrows in this deck seems gentler than the Queen of Swords in the RWS. Maybe it’s because of the swan, looking over her back at us as she swims away that seems appealing and more gentle, but she’s also not to be messed about with. Swans are protective of their young from any predators, even domestic dogs on leads.

The Swan is associated with being regal. Here in the UK, the Swan is protected under law by order of Her Majesty (she officially owns any Swans in the UK) and it having links to Grail Knights, adds to the mystery that is the Swan.

In Shamanic terms, the Swan is about developing your sense of self, awakening your intuitive abilities and grace in dealing with others. There’s more information about The Swan’s shaman links and attributes here.

For me, she is also about being cool, calm and collected, whilst delivering her news with style and grace. Sometimes I wonder how I might achieve that, other times I do it effortlessly. But at the moment, I am struggling to be as graceful as I would perhaps like, for a variety of reasons. I understand those reasons and I need to do something about it. It’s time to break the old bonds, and find new waters in which to swim. It’s also about thinking differently, like a woman, rather than a man. I should be able to manage that!

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Wildwood CotD : Queen of Arrows
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