Wildwood CotD : Queen of Stones

Today the Queen of Stones, the practical mother, comes out to join us. Often, I wonder if she’s retreating into her cave, or checking out her terrain. Today, I wonder if she’s broody and nesting, like I am?

The Queen of Stones

The image shows her standing on her hind legs. I have no idea what a pregnant bear looks like, I’m pretty sure they don’t have bumps in their middles like us humans do (like I’m developing at a good rate of knots!) but today, I got the distinct feeling of nesting from this card. It’s not something I’ve encountered with it before, but then, I’ve not worked with one deck in the same way I’m working with the Wildwood.

If she were to come out in a reading as say, the Significator, she’d be your practical earth mother, so your client would be female (or more feminine in their approach to life) and would be one of the Earth signs, such as Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn. I don’t tend to use significators, but there are plenty of readers who do!

Changing positions slightly, if she comes up in a past of possible future, you’ve either borrowed or about to be lent, her type of mentality and practicality. She’s the one that puts up shelves, fixes things, bakes, decorates, cleans. She’s the one that will do what it takes to get something done. She’s not daft and if you tell her she can’t do something, she’ll go and do it just to prove you wrong. Beware, like the Bear, she’s a staunch defender of family and its values and those claws are sharp!

Today, I feel I’ve borrowed her energy or at least her mentality and I shall continue to use it over this coming weekend. What does she lend to you? Do let me know!

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Wildwood CotD : Queen of Stones
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