Wildwood CotD : Ten of Vessels

Today, after a disastrous end to yesterday, we have the Ten of Cups come out and join us. I hope that I’m seeing the “good side” of this card and not its “shadow side”!

Ten of Vessels

Every card has a “light” and a “shadow”. The shadow side is not necessarily the “Dark Side” that Vader followed, but more of the “cautionary” side that we all have. Each card has two sides of a story to tell, the same way a coin has two sides: heads and tail. Light and dark. Yin and yang. Male and female. One simply cannot exist without the other.

So, what context exactly does this card show up for you today? As the day begins, given the nature and length of issues from the evening before, I hope it’s not the shadow side of the card that strikes, but with the New Moon now in Scorpio and Mercury in Retrograde, I frankly, never want to see daylight until the 26th of this month, thank you! However, since I’ve more chance of plaiting fog on Loch Ness, I’d better get on with it and face what comes! I just hope that there’s some good news somewhere in all of this? A silver lining, if you will. I like silver linings better than I like fish fingers with custard. (Reference Dr Who, 10th Doctor)

There’s also the thoughts that things will work out, in the end, as they’re meant to and that I am just to relax and let things flow, since I’ve no chance of stopping them from happening.

So today, I ought to be happy with the results, whatever they may be. In 24 hours, I’ll be wondering what the fuss and worrying was about, probably, but until the light dawns, until the emotions have finished washing over me, I’ll worry, quietly. It is part of who I am.

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Vessels

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  1. It seems that there IS a silver lining!! Will share with you tomorrow the update in regards to the car, once I have the update 🙂

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