Wildwood CotD : Ten of Vessels

Today the Ten of Vessels comes out to join us and the cups today, over-floweth! The water can flow so fast that we don’t get chance to take stock and understand quite we’re feeling.

Ten of Vessels

The emotions today may feel over-whelming, too much. Each cup returns to the river that which it doesn’t need, from the smallest of emotions, to the extreme of angers and happiness.

And the range can be achieved through the day when you have children involved. It can be met with work colleagues, fellow shoppers or anyone else that can cause your emotions to swing one way then another.

Earlier today I encountered the other extreme: my youngest had been warned at school yesterday for fighting. He’s lost some privileges here at home,was made to apologise to the other little boy he fought (who didn’t start it) and to take a reward star off his chart. That hurt him more than anything.

A little while ago, I became aware of the emotions and cares  from others. A friends child (11+) found an emancipated dog and bought it home to be cared for. For tonight, the poor animal has a warm house, food and somewhere comfortable to sleep. Tomorrow it’ll get handed over to the vets, scanned and checked over. By early evening, the frosts had fallen and even driving to the local convenience to resupply on perishables, the car windscreen was frosted over. I do not envy anyone who has to be out in these conditions.

Camp Fire

Myself, things have been interesting and whilst I’ve been through one low (my youngest son, for instance) I’ve been through some highs too, with a successful visit to the hospital for clinic checks, the dentists, making dinner and clearing up the house for tomorrow’s stampede of NCT coffee morning friends (I love hosting coffee and I love spending time with other parents who are going through the same trials I have or are!) and at the end of the day, I get to sit in my warm home by the burning log fire, pets at my side and feet, drink and food to hand. I am lucky and I know it and am I happy? Oh boy, right now, yes I am! Be grateful for what you have, when you have it!

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Wildwood CotD : Ten of Vessels
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