Wildwood CotD : Three of Arrows

Today’s card comes to us and the keyword for today is “Jealousy”. I was pondering this last night as I wrote it up and “envious” is another word I think that could be applied to this card. It is also the second “3” I’ve pulled out in two days.

Three of Arrows

This is not just the heart and the mind not agreeing, disagreeing, being on different wave lengths, it’s also about not coveting what and whom you cannot have. That can include skills, possessions, understandings, a calmness. It can be anything to which you attribute being jealous or envious.

If this were to come up in the middle of a reading, what might you say about it? As a crossing card of the significator (central card) it can indicate that the card beneath is coveted by someone else, that their jealousy is affecting you. Or your jealousy is affecting them and you. It depends on how it comes out, but this is one of the few cards in the deck that has so many connotations, they’re hard to list.

As a card on its own, it can relate to you being jealous or having people jealous of you. Which way around is it for you today? If you’re jealous of others, why? Do you really want what they have? Or do you want the success that the object in question represents?? Is it more a case of being envious than jealousy?

Today, I am slightly envious of a friend who is having twins. You can clearly see her babies move around. Whilst I am not seeing my baby do “an alien” on me, I can feel her move, so I am not worried.  Am I envious or jealous of anything else? Not as I post this blog entry, but we’ll see what comes up through the day. Come and reply, let me know how this card manifests for you today!

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Wildwood CotD : Three of Arrows
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