Wildwood CotD : Two of Arrows

The card for “Injustice” comes out to play today and boy, have her arrows pierced their mark or what?! I am livid at the injustice people do, thinking it is okay to act certain ways. And it is not, but once bitten, twice shy. Shy? No… but think I’ll go plait fog, it’ll be easier.

Two of Arrows

I am not talking about rolling over and playing nice, I am talking about cutting ties, moving on. Yet again, the whole protection theme from the Alder comes into focus.  She’s about keeping the true balance of life, of sorting out the scales that have been distorted by false judgements, ignorance or arrogance. During this Mercury retrograde, I ought not perhaps to be surprised by this, but still, it smarts enough to make on angry.

Do you want to react in anger? Or do you need to calm down? Will Justice be carried out in such an angry mind-set? Or will an inaction cause an injustice?

Never before has this card caused so many options to me personally. She usually doesn’t, but she does often remind me that I need to watch my motor-mouth, for I tend to speak from an emotional stand-point and not a logical one. Do you do the same?

The perception of a situation depends on your view-point and the perpetrator of lies and falsehoods will always be judged as an unreliable source. The best defence for the victim though, is more truth.

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Wildwood CotD : Two of Arrows
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