Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 6

The sixth question to come from the challenge set by 78 Keys is: What was the first spread you learned? Beyond doing single card of the day to learn a new deck (like I did with the Gilded and nearly every deck I have owned and studied with since) my first spread was the very simple past, present, potential future.

Major #2The Seer / High Priestess
Major #2
The Seer / High Priestess

The display is very simple, it’s in a line from left to right, as you would write anything down in the Western world. As well, as P/P/PF, there’s MBS (Mind, Body, Spirit), You/Decision 1/Decision 2.

From these simple 3 card spreads, you can expand them to full size spreads, and often in face-to-face readings, you start with a small spread to work out the basics, then you direct your question from there. If I take this option, what might happen? If I don’t take this option, what might happen?

Simple 3 Card Spread
Simple 3 Card Spread

The Tarot is only ever an indicator, as there are other factors like partners, wife, husbands, children, family, friends that so often come into play with the decisions and choices that they make, some consciously, some intentional.

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The card that I feel goes with the first spread, is The Seer. From somewhere deep inside you, the wisdom and knowledge we’re born with comes to the fore and you say: This is how I want to tackle this obstacle, this is what feels right for me. That is using your intuition, tuning into and using, your perception. It is not easy to do these if your head isn’t in the “right place” to deal with a situation, which is how the Tarot can help, by focusing your mind on something constructive, tangible, aiming for a goal. It doesn’t have to be a goal that takes 10 years to complete! It can simply be a goal that says: “Today, I’m not going to let X bother me. Today, I’m going to do Y for ME and I’m doing Z for the people around me that I call family.”

Life is a meandering elephant task. I strongly suggest you don’t try and eat the elephant in one sitting! Yuletide is nearly upon us: Use these dark days and evenings to use your perception and intuition to work out what you need and want to do when the light begins to return.

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Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 6
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