Wildwood CotD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

Today we’re joined by one of the Majors and one of the cards that is placed near the Winter Solstice of Yuletide. We’re in the Season of The Great Bear, the Wildwood’s answer to Judgement.

Major #20
The Great Bear

This Bear though can look quite scary and honestly, while he might be scary, things that mean a lot, are worth the fear factor. Take for instance, having children, being pregnant, driving a car to work, parking it on the road rather than your drive, walking to school, climbing a roof.

Life is a risk and we can’t stay in bed all day.

Whilst this card is linked to the RWS Judgement, do you see an Angel calling forth dead beings from their grave to be Judged? I’m not Christian, life is far simpler I believe than the Church or other major religions will have you believe. If you break something, there are consequences. If we abuse the eco-system, nature finds a way to redress the balance (see this summer in either the USA or the UK). Nature isn’t vindictive, just practical.

If we spend the time educating and understanding ourselves, we get wiser and apply the wisdom in practical terms to become working knowledge, which then enriches our lives and helps us make ourselves and the environment in which we borrow, better.

This card is also about change. It’s one of the things life can guarantee: change. It comes down to how you survive the change, whether you go introspective and change from the inside too (The Hooded Man comes into play here) or whether you weather the change by the skin of your teeth, or resist it. You can judge yourself and others, either in personal terms or in a situation and could be linked to forgiving someone, a group, social decision, or indeed, yourself.

The key with this card, is to be honest, forgiving, patient but be assured that change is at hand. The Universe has a long memory and nothing is ever forgotten.

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Wildwood CotD : Major #20 ~ The Great Bear

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  1. I think I’m also going to associate this card with needing to rest!! Gosh, what a day and it’s not over with yet!! 😮

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