Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week: Amangons

This Year, I want to work with a new Oracle deck that I’d like to pair up with the Wildwood. The thing is, my knowledge of The Arthurian Legends isn’t as strong as it perhaps ought to be. This deck came out in 2012 and I managed to get John to sign my copy at the Riviera Tarot Conference in Torquay.

I could go through and do a deck review (the deck reviews will come later in the year) but I want to do this as a card of the week, especially since there are 33 cards, legend lore and a map spread to learn!

AmangonsCamelot Oracle
Camelot Oracle

The first card up is Amangons. Already, I’m saying: “Huh? Who?!” So lets explore his involvement in the most famous of Celtic and British Legends. Reading the book that comes with this deck (which is 128 pages of card illustration and explanations) we have a dark start before we even get to the characters we know (and thanks to the recent TV series, have grown to hate or love). Amangons sought the Grail for himself, in order to increase his own power. However, he had no regard for anyone or anything else. The Grail was guarded by the Maidens of the Wells and he allowed his men to rape the maidens. Their off-spring became wanderers in the Land Adventurous and when they were saved by Arthur’s knights, they became the Guardians of the Grail. This story was first recited (so it is said) by Bilheris and he claims that the story contains keys to the secret of the Grail.

So, his qualities are rather dark. They’re negative, greed, destruction, power, insecurity and deceit. However, these dark qualities can be met head on and if they’re used as a Mirror to provide answers, advise on crocodile pits and explore our deeper fears, then they might not be so negative or as hard impacting as we might at first fear.

This week, that I feel is the key: meet any challenges head on (yes, it is a New Year) and use the negative aspects as a sounding board and uncover within you any aspects that are dark that you’d rather saw the light or need to address. January 1st may be upon us, but you don’t have to decide on your resolutions today. We’ve a little time before the window of opportunity closes: Please take it!

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Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week: Amangons

2 thoughts on “Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week: Amangons

  1. Well it kinda makes sense to me…could it also relate to what we are trying to leave behind? And the fact that some is still present and, as you said, needs to be met head on? πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, the negative things and events of 2012 and leaving them behind does make sense!
      Meeting those challenges head on is never an easy experience though ~ good luck if you’re doing that right now, Anton πŸ™‚

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