Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week : Bercilak

It’s Sunday and time for a change of the Archetype of the Camelot Guard. Thank you for the trustworthiness and truthfulness of Bedivere, but now we move to study Bercilak.

Bercilak ~ Camelot Oracle
Camelot Oracle

Before I read the book, I search Google to see what else I can find out about him, before I read what John has put into words. I instantly though, want to step away when I see how crazy Will seems to have drawn this fellow!

Now, given the story behind this fellow, being enchanted by Morgana Le Fay and sent to challenge the Knights of the Round Table, I can understand a little the look in this fellows eyes. Love his trousers Will!

He’s not to be messed with, that I have already worked out. He knows what it is like to be dis-empowered, for when Morgana sent him into the Court of King Arthur, he had no choice, he could not force his own will to manifest. As it turns out, he was beheaded by Gawain, though he still stood after the beheading and bid Gawain to visit him in the Green Chapel one year after. This happened at Christmas time, so we’re just after that as I post this entry.Β  (The further story is on Pages 104-5, not 102-3 as stated on P24)

The skills Bercilak has are varied and wide. He’s a Hunter, lord of the Moorland, so he’s good at hunting out things that are hidden. He’s one person who will challenge you, determined that you will be able to stand up for yourself and walk your own path, no matter what fears you may have that you cannot verbalise. However, he is at your side to help whenever the task seems too great.

What a character for the coming week, right after a Leo Full Moon in Aquarius! Yikes!

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Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week : Bercilak

3 thoughts on “Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week : Bercilak

  1. Well, another very appropriate and eerily accurate reading Louise, thank you! I had a strange experience last night involving the casting out of my immature shadow self, and Bercilak seems to echo and reinforce my lesson from it.

    1. He’s going to be featuring for me personally this week, I just know it! Do you ever have the feeling that you’re gearing up for a fight or a battle? That’s how I feel right now… like I’m preparing for an important challenge, but I know not what! It is intriguing πŸ™‚

      Glad I helped again, Catherine πŸ™‚

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