Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 24

I think I’m going to keep going through the weekend with this little challenge: it’s so close to the end now and the questions that are coming up are just great! Today’s question is this: How accurate do you believe your readings are (or, do they accurately convey messages from spirits/deity)?

Ace of Arrows
Ace of Arrows

The best people to answer this question, are those that have had a reading from me. I have a testimonials page (which reminds me, must get that updated this weekend with feedback from the latter part of 2012) where I publish the feedback I receive where I’ve been given permission to publish the comments. I believe that every reading I have done or will ever do, comes from something greater. The question is, are you ready to receive the message, take heed and make any necessary changes?

There’s no point, in my mind, of asking someone their advise, paying for their time, attention and interpretation (or thoughts) into your situation, if you then sit under the apple tree, wishing life would change and not actually take their advise. It’s not going to do that unless (and small rant coming) you get off your arse / butt and do something to make it happen. Okay, so you might fail. But you certainly are not going to succeed sat around on the fence moaning about it!

What card might go with the accuracy of a Tarot reading? The Seer? The Ace of Arrows? The Ten of Arrows perhaps?Β  I went with the Ace of Arrows ~ The Breath of Life, for a realisation of the truth, however it is delivered (song, Tarot reading, asking for divine intervention and reading something in a book moments later) are all valid. However the answer comes to you, please pay attention!

Combining Bedivere and the Ace of Arrows (remember, Arrows in this deck is Swords in the Rider Waite and Thoth) is perfect, to my mind. If you want the truth, be prepared to seek it out and wield it wisely.

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Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 24

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