Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 16

I ran out of time to post this on Friday, so it’s going out today instead. The next question from Ree at 78Keys is this: Do you ever use the Major Arcana without the Minor Arcana or vice versa?

Seven of Arrows
Seven of Arrows

I never use part of a deck. That said, I have divided one deck that way. The deck I divided is Nigel Suckling’s Dragon Tarot. The Majors are beautiful, the minors though, are not. They’re what we call “Pip”. That is, the Seven of Swords will display, Seven Swords, albeit in a pattern. It won’t display it as an image from which you can use your intuition, allow Spirit or other Divine intervention. You have to know the background of the card, the basic meanings as far as the RWS, Thoth or GD schools of thought go.

If we look at a minor card in the Wildwood, say, the Seven of Arrows (as it’s the Seven of Swords equivalent) what does this suggest to you?

Seven of Swords Rider Waite

For me, she is acting on fears. Some of those arrows do not appear to pierce her, yet, she acts as if she’s mortally wounded. Is she torturing herself or are her fears ungrounded? Traditionally, the Seven of Swords is seen as the card of deception, betrayal, stealth. We see none of that here, though we do with the image on the left.

However, both have the same theme of insecurity. Why is that fellow taking the Swords, is it to feel safer that he’ll face people who are only armed with two swords? Why does the lady from The Wildwood feel so insecure? What are her fears, and the fears of the gentleman in the RWS, that cause them to act this way?

Combined with Balin, if you are feeling insecure, today the message is: Work out why you feel so insecure and then deal with it. Find your truth, your own motivation and move past the obstacle. It’s holding you back because you’re either letting it, or not dealing with it.

Good luck!

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Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 16
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