Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 17

Today, we’ve a good question set by Ree at 78Keys. The question is thus: Do you do readings using reversals? Why or why not? I don’t tend to use reversals, but if by fate, chance or sheer dumb luck, a card comes up in a deck reversed, I do now pay attention. It never used to be that way. Here’s my little story about reversals.

Major 16The Blasted Oak
Major 16
The Blasted Oak

When I was learning, I found that the reversals depressed me. I couldn’t get the hang of the upright meanings, never mind the reversals. When a card that I was pulling for the day was reversed, I got sad, depressed, fed up: angry almost. It took a while to break free of that mentality and it was a comment on the TABI Yahoo! threads that convinced me to take the few decks I had at the time and put them all the “right way up”. This for me, was a Tower moment. The time I cleared away my negativity, the dark clouds.

Now, if and when a reversed card comes up, I do now at least understand what it might mean. The Wildwood though, doesn’t have or wasn’t created with reversals in mind. It’s Shamanistic qualities and meanings make that a little difficult, but it can be done.

So what does a reversed card mean? It can be the opposite of the upright position. It can imply a blockage or a hurdle to jump and overcome. Think of a blockage as sticking your head in the sand and singing the Muppet song, with your rear end very exposed. The Blasted Oak Reversed, for example (since we have that fellow up) would be that you’re not getting out of your comfort zone, that you’re quite comfortable where you are and you’re not going to be affected by things happening around you. How that materialises depends on the cards around this Major, it may be a good thing, if you’re asking about redundancies, or not, if you’re asking about moving house but doing nothing to aid the sale. Each card, whilst they work on their own, work better when they’re telling a story.

That’s what I do: I help you find the answers you need. You however, have the shoes on your feet, the pathways before you: What happens afterwards is up to you!

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Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 17

7 thoughts on “Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 17

  1. Thank you for discussing this query Louise. When I first learned to read Tarot I was educated about reading reversed cards, but it never felt right to me. I soon realised that I didn’t have to read them reversed, and my spreads were a lot more informative and easier to interpret.

    1. If it’s not courts that mess people up, it’s almost certainly reversals! It was thanks to discussions with TABI that led me to get it sorted and lifted my mood. I pay attention when they reverse now though, for they are not “the norm” πŸ™‚
      What deck(s) do you often use, Catherine? πŸ™‚

      1. My current favourite deck is the Gilded Tarot, and I also have a Vampire Tarot deck that is very beautiful but quite difficult to work with. It deals specifically with the shadow side, so I find I have to be in that frame of mind to use it. I am feeling the urge to try out the Wildwood though…

        1. Hi Catherine πŸ™‚

          I love Ciro Marchetti’s work and I have all his decks, some copies several times over as he’s done Gilt Edged versions (The Gilded Royale being the latest rendition of the Gilded with some revamped images too πŸ™‚ )

          There’s a new copy of The Wildwood out, with a great new back design on the cards and a little more info in the book. You know where to come if you want *any* insight into *any* of the cards beyond the book! (And there’s the Wildblog too πŸ™‚ )

          1. *chuckles* There are THOUSANDS of decks out there! If you’re interested, I can introduce you a whole group of collection enablers πŸ˜‰

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