Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 18

The next question from Ree at 78Keys is this: Do you feel a “connection” to your cards? It depends on the card, but for some decks, I don’t “feel” that connection. The decks I feel a connection to are the ones I offer for reading with from this page.

Major 9-The Hooded Man
Major 9
The Hooded Man

There are many other decks out there, thousands, being honest and for every client there is a deck and there’s a reader that has that deck. There are some decks I do not feel a connection to, which is okay, for I find that if I don’t connect, somewhere along the line,  a friend will and I find that I am baby-sitting / keeping it aside for them. There are others that I want because of the artist, or the author or because I feel that one day, I will get around to using them in my regular reading arsenal.

I felt an instant connection with The Wildwood, even from the images I’d seen on a computer screen. There were a number of reasons I wanted this deck. One, was Mr Mark Ryan. When I leant that he’d created The Greenwood, I was stunned! I’d watched this man on TV play Nasir in Robin of Sherwood, how can someone I adored from afar be into the same thing I am?! No way! I wanted it, and being honest, I still do, but I cannot afford £300+ to obtain a copy, even if it is in excellent condition.

The second reason for wanting this deck, was the artist, Will Worthington. I’d used and worked with the Druid Craft, The Druidcraft Plant and Animal Oracles. I loved the art work on those decks and it was his imagery that struck me most about the deck. Will also drew the Green Man Tree Oracle and the Camelot Oracle (both of which I have and am, featuring in this blog). When I saw the card I’ve picked to go with this post as the front cover of the book, two things happened almost instantly.

1/ I heard this song in my head: (LOL)
2/ I had images and memories of the TV series play in my mind’s eye.

How powerful do you think that combined imagery was to me? This deck, like archery or any martial arts, takes some work, homework, constant studying. Do I have a connection to this deck? Beyond that of any other? Oh hell yes!

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Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 18

2 thoughts on “Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 18

  1. I do not know much cards, it is not my area of expertise but I have always been attracted by them and i have a coach who uses them. Thank you for sharing !

    1. You’re welcome, Marieme! Some Life Coaches do use them, which I think is great! Might have to look into that avenue later on, when I’ve had this baby 🙂

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