Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 19

We’ve made it to Question 19 already. Some of these questions have been fantastic, don’t you think? Here’s today’s:  Do you feel/think the cards “think” or have their own consciousness? What do you believe makes the cards “tick?” (Is it magic/outside influences or all in the mind?)

Major 21The World Tree
Major 21
The World Tree

Oh, now this is a question I’ve been asked before, in the TABI Training Course. Why and how do I think the Tarot works? I don’t think it works by magic, I believe that being inanimate, it can be controlled by Spirit or by the Divine: whatever you want to call it (God, Goddess, Angels, whatever) and that it can re-tell a story and hint towards the next chapter(s) in your life, should you take that path, or this. It’s not Fate, it’s not set in stone, we go on journeys and occasionally, we get to choose which ones we undertake first, which life lessons we need to learn.

Which brings to mind The World Tree within this deck. Life is like a Labyrinth (and no, I don’t mean the one with David Bowie in) and the Tarot can help work out if you’re going forwards, backwards, side-wards. It can help provide signs, pointers, suggestions, things to think about. However, which path you end up going down is totally yours.

No matter the season, we’re always walking that path, sometimes consciously (summer) sometimes not (winter) but most often, in a state of in-between (Spring and Autumn).

Sometimes, we need some help, a sign to remind us we are on the right path. That, is the beauty and if you wish, “magic” of Tarot.

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Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 19

4 thoughts on “Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 19

  1. Loving this journey through the Wild Wood Deck. Particularly like this ‘thought’ on the World major. I am a relative beginner and want to learn more so the Tarot can help me – I seem to be stuck in spring and autumn (fortunately have moved on from continuous winter). To that end, looking forward to seeing you in person at Tarot Academy Meet-up on Thurs 18th Jan in the Bowling Green xx

  2. Always interesting to see what readers feel is going on when they do a reading. For myself, I feel that tarot is made of up visceral, archetypal images and energy, and these things trigger the deeper recesses of our intuition. Who knows, maybe Goddesses or angels dwell there. 🙂

    1. Who knows? The thing is, Carla, we don’t know but your thoughts are just as valid as anything or anyone’s else’s view point 🙂

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