Wildwood Answers : 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 26

We’re into the last five days of this brilliant little challenge and today, the question from Ree at 78Keys is this: Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or another?

Five of Arrows Frustration
Five of Arrows

I had to think on this for a while, before I recalled a time when I drew out some cards to answer a situation I was in at work. I hadn’t gone professional at that time, I was still in the learning stage and didn’t like the cards that I had turned over. One card in particular I associated with who else was involved in that situation and when I saw that card, I just knew I’d have to encounter said person the following day and I really wasn’t wanting to interact or be in the same building as them, never mind the same room!

Yep, low and behold, they showed up the following day, even though they weren’t actually meant to be there, they’d dropped in “to say hello”. My next phrase was “good bye”. Was I annoyed with them? Oh you betchya! Beyond annoyed, truth be told. Frustration is one word that could have gone with that particular person and situation.

Now, I don’t usually post blog entries on the weekends, save the Oracle of the Week, but I am really enjoying this challenge and I’m not wanting to break the flow. Combined with Bedivere, what does the Five of Arrows combined with this weeks Oracle card have to offer us?

If the truth and honesty are there, however frustrating things get, the truth and honesty will win out. That I learnt the hard way with this particular person and I don’t think I’ve been that angry, frustrated or volatile with anyone else before, nor since.

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Wildwood Answers : 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 26
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