Wildwood Tarot Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 28

We’re on Day 28 already and the Wildwood Tarot is set to answer today’s question, which is: Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices?

Seven of Arrows

Now, if I know them and they do object, they’ve either distanced themselves from me and they’ve not said anything, or I do not know them at all and they’ve never approached. I recall an incident when I purchased my first ever Tarot deck. My mother walked into my room to hand me some ironing and told me to put them away. I was around sixteen at the time, and the deck in question (the Rider Waite) got put back in its black silk cloth, into its wooden box and hidden away until I was around twenty-six, engaged to be married and living in my own house.

My husband doesn’t object, he’s one of my biggest supporters, but he’s never asked me for a Tarot reading, even when there are some situations I would have happily read the cards for him. Perhaps I was too close to him and the situation, but whilst he’s my Webmaster and biggest supporter, he’s not “into” this line of work. My in-laws are not this way inclined either, though I feel my father-in-law is more supportive than my mother-in-law.

What card would you associate with this answer? It’s an interesting question with a complex answer of: I just don’t know! With that answer in mind, the Seven of Arrows I feel fits this best. Whilst I might not be a drama queen most of the time, this is just one question to which I do not know the answer, so the answer for me is insecurity.

Now, if we’re to combine this with Bercilak, what do we have for today?  The idea I have combining these two are fear and trepidation. Am I afraid to try, because I do not know the answer? With Bercilak at my side, there’s no need to fear what I do not know, I can only deal with what I know and am empowered to know. I see you standing next to me, so I’m never alone.

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Wildwood Tarot Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 28
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