Wildwood Tarot Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 27

It’s Monday and we’re on Day 27 of the 30 Day Tarot Blog Challenge by Ree at 78Keys. Today, the question The Wildwood answers is this: Do you have a special time and/or place that you use your Tarot? If so, do you reserve the deck specifically for that purpose?

Major #2 The Seer / High Priestess
Major #2
The Seer / High Priestess

For me, the Tarot is like my Wiccan practices: they’re ingrained, a daily thing. Usually, when I create my blog entries, I am sat in my seat on the sofa in the den, sometimes with the burner going, sometimes not, depending on how warm I am feeling, with a glass of juice close by, the Wildwood Tarot deck and book, along with an Oracle or two to accompany it by my side.

The Tarot comes with me as well when I venture out shopping. I have several Tarot apps on my phone, not to mention the three decks in my handbag. The key for me is to be prepared for a Tarot reading no matter where I am or who I am with. However, The Wildwood Tarot is not offered very often, I reserve that deck for the blog and for my personal use.

Out of the fifty or so decks I have, I feel keeping one back for myself for personal use is not going to adversely affect any options I give my clients, though I do have it listed on my decks page.

For me, this question is answered by The Seer. She’s the one that does what she does daily, though she often keeps to her findings and thoughts to herself. Does she need to tell you? Only if you ask her to do so. Combine The Seer with Bercilak and we’re in for an interesting day! Since the Seer is about using and trusting your intuition and Bercilak is about hunting out the hidden challenges. Combing these two suggests strongly to me that you may (as do I) what the challenges are, or if not, that they’re coming. Be ready and trust your own judgement.


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Wildwood Tarot Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 27
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