Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week : Blaise

This week we have Blaise come and join us from the archetype of the Camelot Oracle.

Blaise-Camelot Oracle
Camelot Oracle

Blaise is yet another character that I haven’t the faintest idea about. Time to do a quick Google Search and read the book, then we can work out what he’s offering to us this week.

It seems, reading the book, that he was either Merlin’s teacher, or he was a Knight in Arthur’s Court, though it is not clear which he was. John’s theory is that he served as a Knight (perhaps with Uthur?) until he grew too old and became a hermit at that point. He was in hermit mode when Merlin’s pregnant mother sought him out. When the time of Arthur came, Merlin “reported back” the quests from Arthur’s court to Blaise.

It is said that Merlin was born with a hairy pelt and that it fell away when Blaise blessed it, he transcribed the quest of the Grail when Merlin was only two years old and offered Merlin’s pregnant mother a place of safety and comfort to await the birth of her child.

There’s a lot of shadow and depth to this fellow. What does he know that we do not? The answer is, probably an awful lot. If he’s your Champion this week, he offers a deep vision, right back to the very start of the time of King Arthur and the magical, mysterious Merlin. He is the doorway to the other world, the doorway to this world and offers wisdom from both, for he’s seen both sides. He has seen the struggles of mankind, the wounds it can cause and he offers a peace, consolidation, human and older wisdom that we can only imagine with our minds, but might know instinctively with our hearts and soul.

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Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week : Blaise
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