Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Bors

Bors comes out to change the guard of the Camelot Oracle Guard. What insight and techniques does he have to share with us this coming week?


Bors is another of the Arthurian Legend characters that I don’t know a thing about. Reading the book and John’s background information, I see him as an understanding, kind and loyal father figure. While he might save you from your own stupidity, if there’s someone else in trouble that he can help out first, he will. He’s compassionate, practical, kind and strong.

I see from the book he’s also Lancelot’s cousin and the son of the King of Gaul and is one of the three of the Grail Knights, so his truthfulness is also proven. This fellow has a lot of virtues! He also represents a love of family, something I totally understand given my personal circumstances. Now, here’s something I do not often do. Given Bors background, I am going to predict that this final child of mine will be born whilst Bors is with us. Her due date is the 15th, but before the 17th of February, I’ll say that this child is going to be with us and loved.

So, having declared that (!) lets get on with understanding Bors and how he might manifest this week. Bors adventured far and wide with the Knights of Camelot but he always returned home to his wife and child. He is also probably one of the few that did, according how John’s written the text on Bors.

Bors offers strength, compassion and a chance to experience the truth of humankind and of angels, which he has witnessed. Bors travelled through life with a lightness and willingness to help. This week, he stands with us, willing to be with us when we require him and when he is not, he’ll be with his wife and child.

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Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Bors

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