Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Cundrie

For the first time, the Camelot Oracle changes archetypes to a woman, Cundrie. What does she have to offer us in the terms of advice this coming week?

Camelot Oracle

As is rather typical with this Oracle deck, I am not very familiar with the characters that are coming up. I find it synchronistic that when I pick the book up to read about the back story of Cundrie, that’s the exact page I open the book up.

Cundrie was great at reading the stars, but she was as subtle at delivering her wisdom as a blunt object to the back of the head (subtlety and tact weren’t in her personal arsenal it seems). She appears before and during the Quest for the Grail, hailing from the Grail Castle itself, announcing the beginning of wonders and transformations. However, during the quest her advice to the seekers was harsh and very unforgiving. She could see right through any lies and reveal any true intentions, so lying to her or trying to hide your reasons for being on the quest, was less useful than having a chocolate fire-guard. At least you can eat a chocolate fire-guard when it’s melted!

As for her careworn face, she is said to have committed some great offence in her youth and her punishment was to suffer. However, she shares her Star Lore and her understanding. She is a guardian of the Grail Questions, which can open the way to the success of the quests. Her whispers might be heard if you’re close to the object of your quest.

She seems very solitary, haggard, perhaps bitter and certainly difficult to talk with, listen to. However, her words of truth are valid, even if her delivery of them smarts like a punch across the mouth. Is this a characteristic we need to use this week? Perhaps this is more of one to be very mindful of. This reminds me a little of the Queen of Swords on a very bad day. Does that mean we ignore her words, even though she’s pointing out some obstacles to avoid. Cundrie offers understanding of your own heart, the wisdom of the soul and the truth of the natural world (according to the words John has penned on p31 of the Camelot Oracle reference book) and if she happens to be your champion, she’s quite good at defending your rights and may even help you come to terms with the greatest change of your life. Just, don’t try pretending, I believe you’ll get quite unstuck!

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Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Cundrie

7 thoughts on “Camelot Oracle : Card of the Week ~ Cundrie

  1. So, inspired by your comment on my blog, I thought I’d check out how the Camelot oracle is going. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on Arthurian legend, but obviously I haven’t read all the details. Cundrie I’d never heard of, either. She reminds me of my Sagittarian son; truth told and tact be damned. But it is for your own good. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, there’s a huge amount of Sagittarius energy with this card. Tact certainly isn’t on the radar and since it’s likely I’m going to give birth this week, I have a sneaky feeling either the midwive’s attitudes or mine are going to come up very short and very blunt! But I want to have the birth MY way, not theirs. Oh, fun times ahead!! πŸ™‚

      1. So, are you going au naturel (work through the pain), or are you opting for medication of some sort? I would think the midwives would be about the natural way, but midwifery has a much longer continuous tradition in Britain, I think, than in America, so I’m not sure about that. Over here, it’s totally associated with birthing at home with minimal intervention. I proved my womanhood with my first (that Sagittarian fellow), but chickened out and had an epidural with my Scorpio daughter.

        But, yes, I can see the Cundrie energy with working your way through this process (seems like you’d know what you want since you’ve done it twice before).

        1. I’ll work through the pain. With the boys, all I’ve ever used is paracetamol with gas & air but over here now, it’s getting to the stage of the “blame” culture (an influence from the USA) so midwives and Primary Care Trusts (PCT’s) are afraid of being sued if something goes “wrong”.

          Unless there’s a danger to me or the child during the labour, I’d rather go as natural as possible: but it goes hand in hand with whatever the baby is going through. Our safety first. Some midwives really DO feel that they need to control everything and that I do NOT want!

          Cundrie might be a good ally this week then, given your observations above. Thanks Joanne πŸ™‚

          1. Wishing you and baby well, and I’m sure you will be well aware in order to handle whatever the journey portends. Your philosophy certainly suits me, and yes, the Americans have created a rather awful care environment over here.

          2. The sad thing is, things go wrong all the time! Work WITH people, rather than against them… Just hope Cundrie’s mentality is one the midwives can take coming from me and one I can take coming from them πŸ˜€

            Will keep you posted Joanne: You know how to find me πŸ˜€

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