Wildwood CotD : Four of Arrows ~ Rest

Today the Four of Arrows flies out to join us and carries a reminder from the Tarot: Mentally rest!

Four of Arrows Rest
Four of Arrows

There’s a lovely sentiment with this card coming out to us on a Friday. The idea of curling up, laying down and mentally resting is such a nice thought. Despite having a fairly decent night’s sleep, I find that a nap is most certainly in order. It’s not just a case of resting the body, it’s allowing my mental self to rest and I feel, prepare one final time before the hardest birthday party comes and takes over. Thankfully (and I declare this publicly now!) for the last time!

In the mean time, the butterfly that sits on the branch above our fellow here reminds us that while we may physically rest, our minds are busy tidying away all the stuff we’ve collected through the day. Whether you sleep at night or during the day, nap when you need to, the transformation we undergo whilst we sleep is important.

What else can this card tell us? To be honest, I can’t “see” anything else in this card, so I’m going to combine it with Bors. Bors liked spending time at home with family, that is where his heart is. Is there something at home that you could just do with taking a break or a mental rest from though? Or do you just need to spend time with loved ones and chill out this Friday? Whilst Bors was good at going off on adventures, I am sure that he thoroughly enjoyed his time at home, resting and possibly, his own bed!

For me, I cannot find a better message between Bors and the Four of Arrows: Rest, take it easy, snooze if you want it and enjoy a chill out. It’s a Friday, for some of us, the schools have been off this week. For others, they’re off next week (depending on the county in the UK or elsewhere) and it’s time to take our feet off the accelerators of life, apply the breaks and pull in.


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Wildwood CotD : Four of Arrows ~ Rest
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