Wildwood CotD : Major #5 ~ The Ancestor

The Ancestor comes out to join us today and the drum beat of nature can be heard, beating in our corner.

Apologies about the lack of a card yesterday, events over took me and I ran out of time.

Major 5 The Ancestor
Major 5
The Ancestor

The Fifth card from the Major Arcana part of the Tarot, comes out to join us. In the RWS, the 5th Major is the Hierophant, the leader of faith. The Ancestor doesn’t have that, she reminds us of the past, of where we have come from, the journey thousands of us make from one generation to the next. She ties us to the past, to the remembrance of what came before.

How does that benefit us for today? The answer could be rather straight forward. Remembering the past gives us grounding, from there we can take our steps forward to the spring and summer of our lives and for this year.

She’s the reminder that we’ve started a new cycle, though it may not be obvious to either you or me that we have. It might only be apparent with hind-sight. She reminds us to trust our inner voice, listen to our own instinctive and inquisitive nature. How very synchronistic that I was talking about doing that very thing last night during an ante-natal conversation with a friend of mine who is a Doula.

Combine the Ancestor with Bors from the Camelot Oracle, and what possibilities do we have?

A message that we need to trust our instincts with regards to family, the raising of them and adding to them, or helping those that need it, is in play. Bors went off to rescue his son Lionel, but postponed doing so to help someone else out who was in trouble that he’d come across in the journey to rescue Lionel. Who will you come across today that needs your help, just because you’re there? Be aware of that today!



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Wildwood CotD : Major #5 ~ The Ancestor

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