Wildwood CotD : Nine of Bows ~ Respect

The Woodwose comes out to join us today and combined with Cundrie, today will have to be negotiated with great care & respect to others, including myself.

Nine of Bows

Cundrie’s overall message this week is to be honest, but combine her with the Woodwose and today promises to be interesting! The Woodwose commands respect but he also reminds us to give respect to others and most importantly, maintain self-respect. I have been wondering how the Woodwose and Cundrie have joined forces today, and at dinner time (around 5pm) the penny began to drop.

This fellow certainly isn’t messing around and Cundrie certainly does miss her mark either. So whose honesty do I respect the most? The real answer came as I was writing the blog entry: My own! That might sound obvious, but it’s not.

There are those in my life (and no doubt yours) that you trust: elders, partners, the views of children (which are really so very honest and non-malicious) business colleagues, employers, managers…. the list can be endless.

Then there are people who you wouldn’t want to ask for their advice, some of whom might fit into the list above. For lots of reasons, we have too many people trying their best to help helpful. However, a lot of the time we didn’t ask for their advice, but we have the honour of having it presented to us. The question then comes, do we respect ourselves and reply with the “thanks but no thanks” response? Do we ignore them, or do we say “thank you” and pay attention? I’ve learnt that how we receive advice of this nature depends very much on how we’re feeling. Sometimes, we look in the mirror and wonder if we can respect ourselves.

If Cundrie’s rather direct approach is not something you can take, her advice might fall on deaf ears. The Woodwose I feel reminds us that no matter how the advice comes to us, we’re to respect it. It might just have a ring of truth about it and you might just need to hear it.

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Wildwood CotD : Nine of Bows ~ Respect
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