Wildwood CotD : Two of Stones ~ Challenge

A pair of boxing hares come out to suggest that today might be something of a challenge. After yesterday, this is not what I’d like to have happen!

Two of Stones

The two boxing hares depicted on the card drawn by Will Worthington aren’t two boxing male hares. It was recently discovered that this common site may actually be a female and male boxing. One wants to mate, the other isn’t so sure they’re the right partner for them.

Stones with the Wildwood Tarot equate to Pentacles in the Rider Waite Smith. Pentacles are another word for money, so think of paid jobs, trading, home. It’s also practical matters, the act of doing and in this case, working with others, or trying to in physical terms.

It’s also about balancing the two aspects of one self, for we all contain male and female tendencies either in approach to tasks or to our mental activity. This could also mean that you need to be careful with balancing the finances and with yourself.

When we combine this card with the weekly Camelot Oracle, what might we surmise? Bors offers us strength and compassion, something lacking in these pair of boxing hares. If only they could help each other, or come to an agreement, a balance.

Bors will help as much as he can, but ultimately the ability to balance one’s temper is down to the person that looks back at you from the mirror.  The challenge is understanding what needs to happen, why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and having the courage to stand your ground. This might be what causes the challenge, if one stands their ground and won’t back down, then it might cause conflict. However, trying to put your opinions over another’s free will isn’t a great idea either, so balance is the key. Good luck with it today!

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Wildwood CotD : Two of Stones ~ Challenge
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