Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

Sparks fly from the Ace of Bows today as it comes out to join us and I wonder if we will see any more in the next few days?

It’s a Sunday, usually a day of rest, right? Not always. In my life, I have more than enough to cater and pander to, being the mother of three children, one of whom arrived only eight weeks ago. So why on earth did I take on more responsibility last year?

Ace of Bows ~ Spark of Life & 1000 Spread context

The answer I feel is simple: I’m a woman, my own person. I’m not just a mother, bottle washer (and yes, I’ve been doing a lot of that of late and I will be for a good while to come!), chef, laundry-maid, dog-walker… the list is endless but I still need to do something for me, ya know?

I have my own views, my own understanding of things. I don’t always agree with everyone and I have no plans on even attempting to, but occasionally, I get fired up enough to respond. Sometimes I find I cannot respond, for I’m too angry, or know I’ll say something that I’m going to regret (and no, it would not be nice) so I say nothing at all. At the moment, I’m post-natal, so my temper and fuse is somewhat shorter than normal, but it is improving. However, the sparks have been flying but as my little girl settles down and starts sleeping through the night more, I find that my mood and temper improve greatly.

The context of this post (What To Take From The Past) reminds me that I need to remember why I’m angry, why the sparks are flying. We seem to forget that we’re human, for crying out aloud, we’re all brothers and sisters, parents, children, someone’s relative, regardless of what colour our skin in, what creed, upbringing, education (or not) we have.

I need to recall why that spark kicked off, keep my focus on that. Through anger, we can learn, but only if we want to. People say things to others based upon their education, upbringing, understanding of the world. We need (I feel) to be prepared to move our view-point and change our understanding, or at least be respectful of others with a different view-point. Bullying someone into doing something or not (as the case may be) just to please you or fit your perception of them, isn’t acceptable either. One wrong contextual use of a word, a meaning not interpreted as someone intended when it was said, written or thought, doesn’t mean they’re always going to be wrong, nor does it (or should it) mean that all their previous points are agreed or accepted by others.

Valid points can be made by those we despise, dislike, distrust and (dare I say it?!) hate. Just because we don’t like or get on with them, does their point become any more invalid? It certainly makes it a damn sight harder ton listen to though!

My advice (for that is what this is) is to take that little spark from the new topic of conversation, blog entry, post, comment, tweet and listen and more importantly, learn.

This song came to mind when I was writing the above, as tends to happen with me.

The decks used are the Wildwood Tarotby Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington. Context card is from the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.


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Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

2 thoughts on “Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

  1. I like your trimmed deck! I love the way most decks look when the images are free.

    I think the point you have made about how our opinion of truth when it comes from a less than loved source is colored is valid, and definitely need to examine in my own life, which is one of the great things about the cards- how they show us areas we can work on. Thanks for being gentle, though!

    1. Aww, thank you Amanda! I do try, but I’m a typical Page / Princess of Cups: I dislike conflict and just wish folks (everyone) would get on and live and let live! Ah, perhaps in a Utopia, 2000 more years in the future 😉

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