Wildwood : The Decision Lesson

Life is a lesson, there is however no dress rehearsal, this is the exam to beat all exams and a decision is to be made. So what’s the lesson?

Two of Bows ~ Decision

It’s Sunday and The Wildwood likes to throw down a gauntlet! Combined with the context from 1000 Spreads, we have a better insight into what the Wildwood is trying to convey. Life is full of lessons. Some, we experience in the classroom from the age of four (?) onwards until we decide we’ve had enough of the education system.

Some of us can learn from books, others learn better from practice and doing, others can sit half way between the two (and can digest what the manual says). Life however, didn’t come from a text-book written by man or any deity that I am aware of. The trouble with books (yes, there is a slight issue with them) is that they can be re-written, re-printed and much like movie remakes, can be changed to re-write history in the favour of whomever happens to be doing the re-writing.

Lesson - 1000 SpreadsGiven the events over the past week, the Boston Bombings, the chasing and killing of one of the main suspect(s) and the capture of the other, the earthquake in China, the building collapse in Dhaka, I wonder if something somewhere is making a decision. It saddens me that this is the kind of world I laboured to bring my children into. I can only hope to teach them to make it a better place.

The day has only just begun, so the decision that I need to make hasn’t yet happened. It might not happen either, it might be a gift I give to someone, knowledge or information that lets them make a better informed decision. Someone might also provide me with some insight so that I can make a better decision. Or I might just decide something and have to live with the consequences. That’s usual too!

Whatever it is according to the Wildwood and 1000 Spreads, I’m in for an interesting day with the possibility of a karmic teaching to be aware of. That’s the thing about karma, it can carry on (from what I’ve been told) from one lifetime to the next and often, bites you in the rear end, just to be sure you understood it was payback for something.

I hope the lesson is not karmic, but a gift. I like gifts, they’re so much nicer to have in your life than being a grumpy mummy!

Tarot deck used in The Wildwood with the context being provided by Deck of 1000 Spreads.

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Wildwood : The Decision Lesson

4 thoughts on “Wildwood : The Decision Lesson

  1. I like when the Universe brings me a gift as well. Like Christmas in April…I love to learn new techniques and information from books. I love to hold them and carry them around with me. I also like the smell of used books(a dirty little secret of mine). Great post.

    1. Hi Aaron! Books are great but I’m very much a person that needs to put into practice what has just been read! I’m terrible, instructions have to be followed as soon as they’re read so I can ensure I’ve understood the silly things πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by and may you receive a great gift in your life in the next few days!

  2. All of this stuff is so above my head! Gifts, love them. Karma – yes, absolutely believe in it. I like to think I am being educated every day in one way or another. Never too old to learn a life lesson or two.

    1. No, we never are too old and the trick is to perhaps be open to learning something, being given a gift. Not everyone thinks they’re worthy enough for a gift, but the truth is (IMHO) that we all are. πŸ™‚

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