Weekly Oracle Forecast : WE 19th May ~ Living the Vision

This week we’re visited by Dindrane from the Camelot Oracle and reminded that we need to be living our own vision. What is your vision and are you living it?

DindraneDindrane certainly didn’t mess around and she certainly wasn’t one to sit at home and wait for the men folk! I like her spunk but I’m not sure I like her self-sacrificing nature. Like most of the characters in this Oracle, I’m ignorant of their characters, until I feature their story a little on the blog. Here’s some background on Dindrane.

There’s some debate between John and Wikipedia, but that does not surprise me. Dindrane was dedicated, of that I have no doubt. She was sure of her path, her life’s purpose. To me, she was something of a Seer, she used her intuition, she knew what she was needed for and when.

The context for this week (provided by Tierney’s 1000 Spreads) is Romance. Was Dindrane romantically involved during her life? The text from the book and the Wiki page do not highlight on that aspect of her life or give any hint. However, lets explore her dedication and drive in relation to romance.

romanceWe strive to find “the one”. The soul mate to make us happy. But that isn’t always the case. We’re not always meant to find “the one”, for we’re not always meant to find them in this life, we have other things to work on, other aspects of ourselves. Do you know when you’ve met someone and you can’t stop thinking about them? Sometimes we find them, sometimes they’re the best friends that stay with us through life, thick and thin and back again.

If we’re lucky, the best friend is the one we choose to marry, to spend the rest of our lives and have children with. Sometimes (especially with today’s modern society) that person could be the same gender as us and we get to adopt a child, give them a loving and supportive home where others could not.

By following Dindrane’s drive to follow her own path, her own heart and with her self insight, we can achieve what we want and need to achieve. In the context of romance, the drive we have can either make or break a romance.

So here’s this weeks consideration: What drives your romance? It is spontaneous or is it something upon which you have to work at? I’m lucky, I knew my destiny was with my husband, that we’d have children. Beyond that, we’ll follow our guts, like Dindrane. What’s your commitment to your current romance? Or to the one you want?

Deck used is the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan, illustrated by Will Worthington. Context card is from Tierney Saddler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads (image to be added later)
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Weekly Oracle Forecast : WE 19th May ~ Living the Vision

3 thoughts on “Weekly Oracle Forecast : WE 19th May ~ Living the Vision

  1. Respect, appreciation, affection, attraction. In that order. After 10 years, it still feels like we just got married recently. That’s it in a nutshell. And we are definitely in it through thick and thin. Had our children with other fine partnerships, but this second one, chosen at a different time in life, has been very special, indeed. We would have been ill suited to one another in our youth, ironically. πŸ™‚

    Great questions, Louise!

    1. It is a great question, isn’t it?? πŸ™‚ Sometimes we need to just take the time out to appreciate what we have and why we have it πŸ™‚

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