Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Search for the Truth

Galahad joins us this week and searches for the truth and spirituality, whilst offering clarity and insight.

TruthThe son of Helaine of Carbonek (last weeks card) joins us with his search for the truth. Galahad was chivalrous, strong, brave. He had vision, which is (according to John) why he left home. Galahad wanted to begin the task for which he was uniquely suited. His quest for the Holy Grail made him so very single-minded.

From Elaine’s point of view, Galahad never showed her any love and neither did Lancelot. However, John writes that the relationship between the very estranged father and son was both touching and enlightening, for Galahad’s last words to Bors were: “Remember me to my father, Sir Lancelot”.

Does he then offer a profound level of perception to both everyday concerns and spiritual goals? John seems thinks so. It also appears that for all of Galahad’s clarification and insight, he will speak with us honestly and never try to hide the reality of any situation.

So what does Galahad offer to us as an action call this week? He asks that we be true to ourselves in the search for any spirituality, in this quest we call life. He offers to us an understanding if ourselves and is there if and when, we want the hard knocks delivered with some bedside manner.

He also offers to us the ability to find clarity and foresight. If we can be clear about what we want, we can have foresight on how to achieve it.

So what are you wanting to achieve this week? With the schools here in the UK mostly being off for half-term, a week without the children fighting or squabbling may be on the cards. (Good luck if that is the desire!) It may be you need  to organise a few things for the kids to do when it rains (for it will rain) or just in general have something of a game plan.

So lets spend a moment to clarify your desires and targets, be they material, spiritual or general. Lets be truthful here! Once we have  that, we can achieve our goals with foresight and planning and truth about those goals. Time now to get to it!

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Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Search for the Truth

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