Wildwood : The Journey And Change

The Journey card comes out to join us today and with it, the context of what we cannot change joins it. Talk about hard hitting us with a staff, Wildwood!

(c) Will Worthington & Eddison Sadd
Major 13
The Journey

So the Wildwood has picked up a staff and wielded it at us to remind us, that the journey we are on isn’t something that we can change. The Journey card within the Wildwood links to the Death card in traditional RWS decks.

Death is the Tarot doesn’t always mean actual death. From all the readings I’ve heard about, read, spoken to others about (and that is several thousand now) it’s only Death in very rare cases. Usually, it means transformation, change, transition. Things change, that’s a constant in this mortal coil, it’s one of the certain things beyond taxes and death.

Here we see a crow remove muscle and sinew from the skull of a deer, ensuring that the last pieces of life continue to give life to those that need it and what cannot be taken, nature herself will grind to dust slowly over the years (or make it into a fossil).

1000 SpreadsWhat we cannot change is the fact that one day, all of us will be the skull. It happens to us all. We will also change as we grow. The hope here is to improve upon the person we were yesterday, be a better person today and leave for the crows (metaphorically speaking) that which we cannot take with us.

We’re all on a Journey of life, it meanders this way and that. Sometimes we fall and graze ourselves, sometimes we fall flat on our faces. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and find our rainbow bridge, as the Wanderer does in the first card of this deck.

The trick I feel we need to employ is the mindset that holds us back, prevents us from changing or from taking what we need in a situation that is no longer suitable and moving on (as the crow does here).

You can’t change the fact that things change, so lets deal with it.

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Wildwood : The Journey And Change

2 thoughts on “Wildwood : The Journey And Change

  1. Great entry. Death can be scary to others. They seem to forget that everyday we fall asleep and wake up, the transformation must take place. Death is a part of life. Death is just part of energy. Energy that is always moving. Blessed Be.

    1. it is a miracle and when I look at my three wonderful, gorgeous children, I realise just how much of a miracle life is and how we so take it for granted. People fear change, fear the transformations we all go through in life. It happens to us all and cannot be stopped. 🙂

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