Month: June 2013

Wildwood : Summer and Motherhood

This week we have the warm, nurturing mother of the Wildwood come and celebrate summer with us. She is The Green Woman. The Green Woman in this deck is The Empress in the RWS, the eternal nurturing mother, muse, inspiration, the female archetype of summer. What can she share with us that we’re not already […]

Wildwood : Lethargy and Rest

Today the Wildwood reminds us that lethargy is sometimes good and sometimes it’s not. So, today we have the boredom card come out and join us. I’m not bored today but I am under the weather, lethargic and struggling to do things today, including sitting up or changing the baby. I am having to rely […]

Wildwood : Hearthfire & Father’s Day

In time for Father’s Day, we look at the Wildwood’s Hearthfire and why dad’s are important. This post is a little late this week but with Father’s Day fast approaching, it is rather synchronistic that the card I pulled from The Wildwood shows eight male friends in celebration of either a hunt or harvest. They’ve […]

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ The Adventure Awaits

Gawain comes to us this week, sword held high, encouraging us to come out, have an adventure and play in the mid-day sun. Gawain is Gareth’s oldest brother and the most successful of the four brothers until Lancelot arrived in the Arthurian Court. It is said that Gawain grows in power towards noon and fades […]

Wildwood : Attraction has a Problem?

The fire flame from the Wildwood remind us to engage, reach out. Is there ever a problem with that? What does this card say to you? What do these two characters say to you? Their first spark of friendship, companionship has struck. Under what realm is the question. We all need companionship, friendship, a kindred […]

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Honour is Needed

This week Gareth comes to us from the depths of the Camelot Legends. He’s here to say that honour should be earned, not rewarded because of whose child we are. Gareth was the child of Lot and Morgause of Orkney. As such, he was a prince amongst men and unbeknownst to Kay and the other […]

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