Week Ahead : It’s time to be graceful

One of the many qualities of the Great Queen Guinevere was her skills at mediation but also known was her beauty and her ability to be graceful. Skills we might be in need of this week.

Everyone who has an idea of the legends of Arthur, also know of Queen Guinevere and the love between her and Lancelot that perhaps, causes the downfall of Camelot itself.

It’s not that clear if she came to Camelot when Arthur was older (thinking of the Sean Connery film, First Knight, here) or when Arthur was young and had to fight to have his love realised (The TV series, Arthur).

Guinevere ~ MediationIn either case, Guinevere has a few qualities we can borrow this week. Whether her love with (or for) Lancelot was physically realised, she was said to be truthful. She was a woman of great internal resources. To have the men she loved (Arthur and Lancelot) leave to go on endless quests here, there and everywhere, whilst keeping Court, can not have been easy.

I learn from the book (p44) that Guinevere died in a monastery in Amesbury, where she was buried after taking her leave of Lancelot. This was after Arthur’s death or departure, so the coast was clear for them to love each other, but something happened to make it so that they never consummated their desire.

So, what can Guinevere help us with this week? Lets take the quality of truthfulness for one. If like, in First Knight, her desire for Lancelot was found out, she was honest and accepted the results. John also attributes her to being far-sighted, but I fail to see how. Cautious would be more Guinevere I think, since she had enough sense to not get pregnant by Lancelot by never sharing herself with him.

So, there you have it, her message is to be graceful, truthful to yourself,  grounded to your cause. She also reminds us that we have the resources within so don’t try to turn away from the task at hand. Keep your head up and your self-esteem too. I shall have to remember Guinevere’s advice later on this week, as the Tarot Meet Up happens on Thursday, and I’m hosting it on my own!

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Deck used: Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated (c) by Will Worthington.


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Week Ahead : It’s time to be graceful
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