Wildwood : Attraction has a Problem?

The fire flame from the Wildwood remind us to engage, reach out. Is there ever a problem with that?

2 of Vessels

What does this card say to you? What do these two characters say to you? Their first spark of friendship, companionship has struck. Under what realm is the question.

We all need companionship, friendship, a kindred spirit and we need this support in various realms. We need friends in all areas of our lives but are we big enough, brave enough, to ask for that help? Are we brave enough to start-up a friendship?

The problem comes not from having a friendship / relationship, the problem comes when we don’t have the guts or courage to stand up when we’re in a toxic one.

We get attracted to others from physical looks, personality, humour, skills… the list can go on and on. This card can also suggest kindness, the need to help people out and be gentle with ourselves, our souls.

ProblemI read something interesting today, a note from a daughter to her mother about how fat she was. It wasn’t about actually being fat, but the attitude behind the concepts of modern living, that only skinny, fit women are successful mothers and wives.

It made me think of how I’ve physically changed over the last decade, from being fit and intensely active two or three evenings a week, to having three kids and wanting to be in bed by ten pm. The seventeen years of intense physical exercise, before starting a family, have helped me keep my figure in general and while I still think I should lose some weight, it’s not because I think of myself as fat.

I want to be able to run after my three kids, I want to stay healthy and I find that I don’t feel as well as I can feel when I’m carrying that little extra weight. It took me nine months or so to put this little bit of weight on, and I have that long to lose it.

I do care about what I look like, like everyone does but I am working on being attractive mentally, as well as physically. Before that, can I have twelve hours of sleep. Please?

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Decks used are 1)The Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington, John Matthews and Mark Ryan and 2) Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.


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Wildwood : Attraction has a Problem?
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