Wildwood : Summer and Motherhood

This week we have the warm, nurturing mother of the Wildwood come and celebrate summer with us. She is The Green Woman.

The Green Woman in this deck is The Empress in the RWS, the eternal nurturing mother, muse, inspiration, the female archetype of summer. What can she share with us that we’re not already aware of?

Major 3 The Green Woman
Major 3
The Green Woman

To me, this lady is more than the physical mother, she’s the connection to Mother Earth, where our bodies will return upon their demise, our souls will drift back to the divine, awaiting the next time.

She’s also the warm mother figure that I am repeating over and over, day in, day out with the baby and the eldest two. I’m going around the nurturing circle, as the children need and demand, which is no bad thing: that is one of my roles in this life, a role I wanted craved and always knew I’d have from my quite early teens.

The Green Woman though is also here for me as someone who isn’t the mother, my other “hats” need their inspiration too, they need my time and attention, they need me to “wear them” too, but alongside my “mummy” one. That’s the trick, I think, balancing roles and responsibilities. The Green Woman’s cauldron reminds us that all our ideas for our roles, come from the same place. If the cauldron doesn’t bubble with inspiration during the warmest part of the year, it probably never will!

The instincts we use, the intuition is central to us too: if we tap into them often enough, they become stronger, like any bond. Use it or lose it, comes to mind.

So, here’s my question for you for the reminder of the week with the Green Woman’s abundance and other skills in mind. What do you need to nurture? Whom do you need to nurture? (Yes, include yourself!) It’s summer time, so what can you create, plant or nurture this weekend? What is going around your mind that is just  screaming to come out? Grab that paper, pen, get it out. Clear out those cupboards if that’s what you’re going to do, have that huge clear out. Give yourself room to create and let your muse loose!

Deck used is The Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews & Mark Ryan, illustrated (c) by Will Worthington

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Wildwood : Summer and Motherhood

2 thoughts on “Wildwood : Summer and Motherhood

  1. You are definitely the Empress these days, Louise! I see you nurturing your family, and yourself in your West Midlands environs. I spent the weekend nurturing my garden and my Tarot website… 🙂

    1. I need to tend to my garden, but it’s the only thing I’ve not spent any time on!!
      *whops* 🙂

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