Week Ahead : The Mystery Slowly Unfolds

This week the Lady of the Lake, also known as Nimue, comes to us to share the mysteries of the lake, our emotions and other otherworldly things, in other words, we really go spiritual!

So the mystery that is contained with the Lake and its Lady, comes to us this week and offers to us the chance of otherworldly knowledge. The Lady of the Lake could also have been Argante, the lady who originally gave Arthur the magical sword, Excalibur, and received it back from Bedivere when Arthur was on his death-bed.

Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake

The question is, what does she represent for us this week? Beyond her otherworldliness, what qualities does she have? There’s deep wisdom within those eyes, like there was with Igraine two weeks ago. The crescent moon above our Lady of the Lake adds to the mystery, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that slowly fall into place, the moon slowly casts its gentle light upon things, including our intuition.

If you’re wanting someone to journey with you at a time when you need clarity, assistance in finding the answers to what you need, then she is the best champion you can ask for. Beware, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so if you’re not serious about taking her help, do not ask for it.

She reminds me very much of The Seer and The Ancestor combined from The Wildwood: the artisan who can reveal a mystery only when you’ve put the effort into actually trying to unravel it. Even if you’re not correct in your assumptions, the rewards you can earn from the experience of solving that mystery are incalculable.

So this week, the inherent mystery that lies deep within us can be accessed, if we’re wanting to access it. The answer may come in dreams, as your subconscious answers your conscious questions. The knowledge is within and the benefits of accessing that ancient knowledge can be profound and powerful.

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Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews and illustrated by (c) Will Worthington.
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Week Ahead : The Mystery Slowly Unfolds

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