Week Ahead : Wisdom and Motherhood

This week Igraine, the mother of Arthur, Morgause, Morganna and Elaine comes to pay us a visit with her wisdom and personal take on motherhood.

Igraine is one of the few Arthurian characters that I actually know. The story John writes in the book is more akin to the story of Arthur’s birth from the TV Mini Series of Merlin, with Sam Neill. However, one aspect of the story, as John himself admits, is how Igraine felt at betraying Goloris thanks to Merlin’s magic, or how she felt when Arthur was fostered out.

wisdomShe bore four children in total. Morgause, Morganna and Elaine (these three by Goloris) then Arthur thanks to magic by Uther. Talk about coveting another’s wife and being sheer bloody minded in getting what you want!

She must have been one strong woman. I know to some extent what she physically went through bearing those children, but living knowing she’d never see the first walk, crawl, smile, tooth or curl of her youngest would have torn me apart, so how did she cope?? This kind of reminds me of the mother of poor Madeline McCann, Kate. The love both women have for their missing child is to me, unmentionable and unbelievable!

That’s what makes me think of how strong Igraine must have been. She was strong because she had to be, there was no point in stressing and worrying about it, though I am sure both woman (Igraine and Kate McCann) have moments when they did, or still do.

So, what can we learn from this ancient mother? What wisdom can she impart to us this week? Trusting your intuition is one aspect. I wonder if Merlin ever told her that she would see Arthur again? That would give her some strength and comfort. I shall wager she didn’t miss her mark but I doubt she ever fought like Goloris, Uther or Arthur did, with weapons. However, crossing words with her probably would not be a wise move!

So, this week, use Igraine’s wisdom, fore-sight and her ability to believe. You don’t have to physically fight to get what you deserve, but you sure can get what you want by standing your ground and being strong, like Igraine.

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Week Ahead : Wisdom and Motherhood

4 thoughts on “Week Ahead : Wisdom and Motherhood

  1. What an interesting interpretation! I like that you made it something we could all relate to – wisdom, foresight, being strong and grounded – rather than just something for mothers. As for words, they can be powerful weapons when used with care. If only people would rely on them more than conventional weapons.

    1. I am pretty sure father’s can manage that same look in their own way. I know my husband can!
      Words can be the best weapons and sometimes, they’re the only ones that work and can cut far deeper than anything out there! Thanks for stopping by, Judy 🙂

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