Wildwood : Quiet Dedication

For the remainder of this week, we’re reminded to have dedication and if we’re being smart and taking Sir Kay’s advice into account, perhaps we need to do this quietly.

I’ve been remiss in posting the Wildwood card during the week, time has not been on “my side” for a little while, but I am determined to get back into it again! For the reminder of this week we have the Nine of Arrows come out and join us.

Nine of Arrows

Arrows in this deck are the equivalent of Swords in the RWS, but rather than the doom, gloom and worrying aspect of the Nine of Swords, the Arrows offer to us a totally different perspective, which is that of dedication. Numerically, the Nine is one step down from the Ten, which is completion and the Nine here reminds us that we have one more step, we’re very nearly there but it’s time to gather up our thoughts, stay focused and dedicated on our task and carry on. Though, not regardless.

However, this lady, this spiritual warrior is playing that bow like a fiddle, or an instrument of summoning. Since arrows reflect the mental capability and the ability to express one self through communication, I suspect she has blocked everything else out of her mind, she is totally dedicated to playing that bow and manifesting what she’s set her mind on.

It’s not a bad way to do thing, to be single-minded, to have that level of dedication. All too often, we’re distracted (the other arrows that fly at us) and we try to catch them all. Those other arrows can be fired by anyone else, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, PInterest… you name it and that is just the “fun” things, never mind the boss, colleagues, directors…

How many of us log into our computers to do something specific, but get distracted by emails, phone calls, other websites (like those above) and then nothing gets done? I suffer from that as much as you do, on that I promise but I have the Tarot here to remind me to be single-minded, if only for a short while. I might not like it, but I cannot complain about things if I do not display my dedication daily.

So, taking Sir Kays’ advice about not being overzealous, I feel it’s time to get on with it, select one task and just do it. Joss Whedon, this one is for you! And whilst you’re “doing it”, please share this blog post by clicking on the share options just below, or how about you book yourself a personal Tarot reading here.

Deck used was the Wildwood by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and illustrated (c) by Will Worthington.
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Wildwood : Quiet Dedication
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