Month: August 2013

Unplugging for a Time

Thanks for dropping by my website and blog! I’m unplugging myself to enjoy the last few weeks of the school holidays with the family, so I’m not available to provide Tarot Readings until the 2nd of September. My next face-to-face Tarot session at Sanctum Therapies is on the 5th of September 2013, so contact Sanctum […]

Wildwood : The Introspective Hooded Man

The Hooded Man comes out to join us whilst we take in the influences of Merlin. Could we get any more magically introspective, even if we tried? Merlin is certainly a character that needs a fair bit of thought to understand and digest. However, The Hooded Man (The Wildwood’s Hermit) is already introspective and looking […]

The Week Ahead : Merlin; Magic and Insights

In this weeks card from the Camelot Oracle, Merlin comes out to join us, offering to us his ability of insights, perception and not forgetting, all his magic doings too. So the Master Magus comes out to join us this week. I wondered when he would come out and join us. I don’t know too […]

Wildwood : The Ancestor becomes a Partner

For the reminder of this week, the Ancestor, the person from whom we gain tradition and past knowledge, comes out to partner us and provide their ancient influence. There’s a song I recall that had the lyric of “the history book on the shelf is forever repeating itself” (Abba – Waterloo) and the Ancestor reminds […]

The Week Ahead : Honesty and Determination

This week we’re joined by Linet, or Le Damsel Sauvage.  She’s an honest one, feisty, full of truth, honour, knowledge, determination and when she is able, full of healing. Linet comes to Arthur’s court seeking assistance to help free her sister, Lionors. The only available knight though, was Beaumains (Gareth in his kitchen knave disguise). […]

Tarot Blog Hop : Lammas ~ What Can I Share?

Welcome to the latest Blog Hop! We’re at Lammas already… Litha was just a few moments ago, wasn’t it? Goodness, where’s the time gone!? It seems I’m at the top of the list, not the start, not the end. If you’re coming from Joy Vernon’s or Stella T’arot’s entry, welcome! If you’re here because you […]

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