Wildwood : The Introspective Hooded Man


The Hooded Man comes out to join us whilst we take in the influences of Merlin. Could we get any more magically introspective, even if we tried?

Major 9 The Hooded Man
Major 9
The Hooded Man

Merlin is certainly a character that needs a fair bit of thought to understand and digest. However, The Hooded Man (The Wildwood’s Hermit) is already introspective and looking within, so if we combine the two, what magical new things can we understand about ourselves and our situation(s)?

I pulled a context card from Tierney Saddler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads and pulled the Future card you can see here. These two are doing the hard work now, the working out of what direction we need to go on. I can certainly feel their influences. I know where I want to be, where I want to get to (Merlin) and I’m now working out how to get there (Hooded Man) and wondering if it will all fit together when I get to the destination (Merlin again) having been on the journey travelling there (Hooded Man).


To me, these two are working two sides of the same aspect, the same side of the same coin. I’m not going to ask who is on the heads and who is on the tails side (and no, I’m not “Two Face” from the Batman comics with a same-sided coin) but it really doesn’t matter, for like any good team, they ought to be able to do the things the other is weaker at, thus providing a wrap-around service, all done without a word, psychically. Which is what and where I feel I’m in at the moment.

Remember that winter quilt? The big one that’s 15 togg, heavy and cosy warm? That’s the situation I feel we’re in with these two characters. We’re being wrapped up to be safe whilst we work out where we want to go, what we want. Merlin asked a good bunch of questions on Sunday, but here’s the thing: Did you answer them? Were you able to? Were you left dumbfounded and mute? Do you have the answers? The Hooded Man has come to help you find the answers that Merlin asks of you.

Here’s another thought: If you don’t like something in someone else’s behaviour, perhaps it is because it reminds you of your own actions / responses and you need to change that aspect. Merlin is a magician, if you can’t understand him directly, he’ll show you in as many ways as he can, until you get the message. Listen. The hint: The answers are already within. Just listen to and trust, yourself.

Decks used were the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews & Mark Ryan which Will Worthington (c) illustrated. Context card was from (c) Tierney Saddler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads.
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Wildwood : The Introspective Hooded Man

10 thoughts on “Wildwood : The Introspective Hooded Man

  1. Love what you wrote Louise. I too am trying to get to Merlin. So I am glad to have the hooded man to help me. I enjoy looking at what comes up for me these days. It is such a joy to be ‘triggered’ and have the opportunity to course correct in the moment.

  2. At the moment for me I’m reflecting on how to keep moving forward smoothly. Also how to keep up making the different actions I’ve been doing without getting burnt out but also not letting go of momentum that pushes us forward. Thanks for your reading for us!

    1. It does seem we’re being driven into this situation, doesn’t? But sometimes, we have to be not only taken to the water but given a sip before we realise we’re actually thirsty. Have fun with that momentum thing, it’s a bit of a pest sometimes πŸ™‚

  3. Listening to and trusting oneself…that’s a great hint. I struggle with the trust part to be sure. Thanks for the great reading. Definitely poignant for me right now.

    1. Hi Rebecca – thanks for dropping by and commenting lovely! Your comments got put into the approval queue, so picked this one of the two πŸ˜‰

      It’s a great hint, yes, but trying to do it? Sometimes that’s harder than climbing a hill in Scotland or North Wales! πŸ˜€
      I hope you manage to learn to listen to yourself my lovely – if it comes from within, it’s the right thing to listen to πŸ™‚

  4. So true , it has been a week of to and froing about am I on the right path and listening to Louise Edlington’s video I do feel this momentum and will go with it knowing that what comes out the other side will be perfect.

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