The Week Ahead : Merlin; Magic and Insights

In this weeks card from the Camelot Oracle, Merlin comes out to join us, offering to us his ability of insights, perception and not forgetting, all his magic doings too.

So the Master Magus comes out to join us this week. I wondered when he would come out and join us. I don’t know too much about the history or the legends in the building of Stonehenge, but I doubt somehow that Stonehenge was built during the reign of King Uther, I have a feeling it’s older than that, but hey, I could be wrong!

Merlin / Emrys
Merlin / Emrys

Whenever you hear the name King Arthur, it’s pretty odds-on-certain that Merlin name would not be far behind, or the next name to leave your lips. Most of the legends say that Merlin was the magical driving force behind King Arthur’s dream for a United Kingdom, the Kingdom of all Kingdoms. If he were able to unite the Kingdom’s under Arthur’s rule, foretell of Dragons and create Camelot, he truly was magical.

Merlin protects the land that is Britain from the inner world (which if he can read blogs, I’m going to ask him to protect us from the stupid governments we have!) but whether he is with the water nymph Nimue or not, is a totally different kettle of fish.

So, what does Merlin have to offer us this week? Well, he’s one for a challenge, so whether he is challenging us or asking us to face up to one not of his doing, he’s there to help. We are all born with native wit and wisdom. We’re all born with the ability to perceive the true nature of things, whether they be an issue or a test.

Here are some questions to ask yourself this week, if you’re calling on Merlin to be at your side. What opens the way up for you? What emotions are at play in guiding your next step? What is inspiring you? What is not inspiring you? What do you most fear? What is blocking you from proceeding?

No matter what question you have, listen to your inner self, your own inner Merlin and find the answers. I promise, the truth is there, let your own radiance reflect the best way to move forward and with Merlin’s help, you’ll find it.

Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews with illustrations by Will Worthington (c) 2012
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The Week Ahead : Merlin; Magic and Insights

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