Month: September 2013

Week Ahead : Time to Contemplate the Myths

This week Nasciens joins us and I admit, I’m already going: Who? So, lets explore his background in these myths and contemplate things for a while. Nasciens is a character in these legends that I really don’t have any idea about. Reading the book, he is one of the many hermits that appear to the […]

Tarot Blog Hop : Autumn Myths

Here we are again, the time of harvests, myths, Blog Hops and Mabon. Fàilte! Welcome to my entry for the time of Mabon. We’ve been asked this time to incorporate the Myths that we’re accustomed to at this time of the year. Myths and legends form a part of our lives, even if we don’t […]

Week Ahead : Morganna and Cunning Knowledge

This week we’re joined by one of the more famous characters from the Arthurian Legends: Morganna. What can she lend to us about knowledge, wisdom, cunning and foresight? Well, there are various stories abound about Morganna and her fight with Merlin. Whether that was two people not being able to get on, a serious case […]

Wildwood : Skills to Change

This week’s Tarot card reading comes from the Stones suit of The Wildwood Tarot, with the keyword of “skills”. Combined with the context of “What we can Change”, we’re entering into an interesting time! The Eight of Stones is often about taking stock, developing and honing our skills. As the image depicts, it shows someone […]

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