Week Ahead : Morganna and Cunning Knowledge

This week we’re joined by one of the more famous characters from the Arthurian Legends: Morganna. What can she lend to us about knowledge, wisdom, cunning and foresight?

Well, there are various stories abound about Morganna and her fight with Merlin. Whether that was two people not being able to get on, a serious case of personality clash or something more, we never will truly know.

The history books sometimes declare that Morganna was sent to a monastery to be educated as a nun (ha!) and that is where she learned the magical arts, rather than spirituality. She was apparently, married  (new information for me!) and a mother (I thought to Mordred, but I now know that isn’t the case)


However, what is wildly known was her battle with her half-brother, Arthur. Whether she felt slighted because males were favoured over females in that time (or one child is favoured over another, a pet hate of mine!) or because her half-brother came about because her mother got tricked by Merlin, we’ll never really know.

She must have some positive aspects, so lets look at those, eh? She is linked to the ancient figure of The Morrigan, an Irish Battle Goddess that gathered the souls of the warriors killed in battle. She even features in the poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” where’ her knowledge and foresight are abound.

Was her job to test Arthur and his reign, to prove that they were actually what they set out to be? Was she there to test them? I wish we knew! She was however, strong-minded, strong-willed and as strong as any warrior with a sword. (Does the Queen of Swords from the Tarot come to mind here?)

She has many a question for us though! What gifts and resources do you have already that will help you? What makes you feel weak in this situation? Have you considered every (yes every!) aspect of the issue? Could the answer you fear be the very thing you actually need? What needs to change? Is this challenge real, or imagined? What wound won’t heal? What wound won’t you let heal? What change of attitude would alter what is happening? (Drafting in and calling on The Tower here I feel)

Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington.
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Week Ahead : Morganna and Cunning Knowledge
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