Week Ahead : Time to Contemplate the Myths

This week Nasciens joins us and I admit, I’m already going: Who? So, lets explore his background in these myths and contemplate things for a while.

Narciens from the Camelot Oracle
Narciens from the Camelot Oracle

Nasciens is a character in these legends that I really don’t have any idea about. Reading the book, he is one of the many hermits that appear to the Knights when they’re on the quests in question. He is apparently, a distant ancestor of Galahad and is closely linked with the Quest of the Holy Grail, as well as representing all the wise men who were allies in general.

If this Oracle deck had a Hanged Man, like the Tarot does, this is probably their equivalent answer to him. If anyone is going to ask you to contemplate things, it will be Narciens.

He’s quite the person to understand a situation. The stories tell that he lost his sight when he looked into The Grail and is therefore more cautious than most. They say that blind people see better than sighted people. I believe it is because the other senses kick in to compensate for the loss of sight. They can pick up the meaning and context in someone’s voice, even though they’re not saying what they’re feeling, the tone of their voice gives them away. If, you care to listen.

Which brings us a bunch of good questions to ask yourself about the situation you’re in this week, so get ready to contemplate the one that fits you best. What do you really see when you look at the issue to hand? Who amongst those who trust might see a clearer way forward? How did this situation arise? what options are open to you now? What good advice will you give yourself? Did you bring this upon yourself and if so, how? What does your inner perception tell you? Can and how will your patience serve you now?

Narciens will have very few words to give your inner self, so be sure to pay attention!

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Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington.
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Week Ahead : Time to Contemplate the Myths

13 thoughts on “Week Ahead : Time to Contemplate the Myths

  1. I’ve been enjoying your posts on the Camelot Oracle – I don’t know a lot about those stories so I find it nice learning a bit more about some of the people involved. And this guy… well, I love hermits, so he seems pretty cool πŸ™‚ Good questions for the week ahead, as well πŸ™‚

    1. I’m enjoying the deck too and I’ve worked out the map that comes with the deck. The map is a spread and the question that each character asks depends where on the map / spread they go πŸ™‚
      All very cool πŸ™‚

  2. awesome the energy at the moment is squaring all the elements fire, air, water and earth in cardinal signs so lots of dynamic energy so its great to have quiet time to reflect and take refuge from all thats happening!

    1. The energy at the moment is being a right bitch, even my kids are suffering from it and that I don’t like one iota! Taking refuge sounds like a brilliant idea, thanks! You’ll find me under the heavy duvet over there πŸ˜‰ (lol)

  3. I said “who” about Nasciens as well. I enjoyed your analysis of the card. Another thing I always think of when dealing with an blinded archtype, is that seers seem often to be either blind (and thus their gift) or blinded (because of their gift). There is something about give and take and paying a price in there that is compelling to me.

    1. I’m not sure which way / reason he was blinded. Something about looking into the Holy Grail – bit it’s not clear when the blindness took hold.
      Stiill, you raise interesting points Don, thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Maybe it’s time for us to look at things in a completely different way? Not be blinded by assumptions and past beliefs that may not be serving us right now? That popped into my head when I read your interesting post. Nice reading. Thank you!

    1. What a brilliant interpretation Susan! Being wise enough to work out what isn’t serving us and doing something about it certainly seems to be the power mantra this week πŸ™‚

  5. I am trying one last time to write you a comment on here! I don’t know why my computer rejects the captcha! Especially when I try to make sure I get it EXACTLY correct!
    Anyway… yes this is such great advice with the astro this week – stop and listen to your inner guidance. Let go of what doesn’t serve! I keep reading it over and over in these blogs! I SO appreciate this message! <3 Mimi

    1. Hey Mimi, thanks for fighting with my CAPTCHA. If it wasn’t so good at stopping the spam, I’d remove it but I don’t get any now, so I leave it on.

      As for the comments, yes, it’s rather apt and synchronistic, isn’t it? The journey within isn’t an easy one and scares a few folks. But something we need to do, unless we want the cosmos’ boot kicking our rear ends. Lesser of two evils perhaps? Perhaps not, for no doubt we will get the chance again.

  6. Lovely questions I’ve been asking myself especially today. And my inner self answered in a way that surprised me and used a term of endearment I myself never use. I’m grateful for that because i knew it wasn’t from the mind me!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |


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