Month: October 2013

Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain and Love

Welcome to the latest Bog Hop! This time, our wrangler,  Alison Cross of Game of Thrones fame (and former TABI Chairman) set a simple but wonderfully open challenge: Love. So, along-side twenty odd others, I’m here to share with you what I love about Samhain, Autumn, Tarot and life in general. The Blog Hop Before […]

Week Ahead: Pellinore And Purpose

This week the father of eight strong Knights of the Round Table come to join us with his qualities of honour, purpose, strength and honesty. Pellinore was one of the first to join the Knights of the Round Table, however how he and Arthur met was rather unfortunate, they ended up fighting each other. However, […]

Wildwood : The Hearthfire ~ Attitudes with Thoughts

Thoughts and attitudes join us in combination with The Hearthfire. We’re reminded us to join in and celebrate, which can help address thoughts towards others. Quite often of late, we’ve had the Tarot and the Camelot Oracle say, give, give, give. This week, with Pelles, we’ve been reminded to replenish our thoughts, our inner-selves and […]

Week Ahead: The Fisher King and Restoration

This week, Pelles, the Fisher King with his ability to plan and wait for restoration, comes to join us. I think we’re in for a good week! The only thing I know about The Fisher King is that Robin Williams made a movie called The Fisher King: beyond that, I am pretty clueless. However, reading […]

Week Ahead : Intelligence has Subtlety

This week we’re joined by Palamedes, a Saracen Knight of the Round Table. He was clever, full of intelligence but subtle in his approach. Palamedes (or Palomides) was the only Saracen Knight to sit at The Round Table, according to the decks creator, John Matthews. His two brothers, Safre and Segwarides seemed to come and […]

Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

This week we’re reminded about injustice within our personal world and within The Wildwood. Have you made a decision? A few times recently I’ve heard this phrase (or something pretty darned close to it): not making a decision is also a decision, often the wrong one. As the Two of Arrows joins us today, could […]

Wildwood : Reflections in the Dark

Today we’re joined by The Mirror, one of the Majors the deck creators attributed to the season that is Autumn, we begin to have reflections over the personal events of the summer. As the rain falls,  the temperature’s drop and the nights draw in, we can lose ourselves in the latest TV Drama, reality TV, […]

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