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Welcome to the latest Bog Hop! This time, our wrangler,  Alison Cross of Game of Thrones fame (and former TABI Chairman) set a simple but wonderfully open challenge: Love. So, along-side twenty odd others, I’m here to share with you what I love about Samhain, Autumn, Tarot and life in general.

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Love my park
My local park in early Autumn

If you’ve come from Ania’s blog, taken a step back from Morgan’s latest posting, or just dropped by because you regularly do, welcome!

I love kicking through Autumn’s golden gown. I never thought of it like that before, until I really got into listening to War of the Worlds and the song “Forever Autumn” entered my head. My children throughly enjoy doing that too and they take great pleasure in throwing the leaves around (when they can) or hunting for sweet and horse chestnuts.

Another thing I love, beyond the family, walking the dog in the park, playing with the kids, keeping warm, baking and sleeping, is reading the Tarot.Major 15 ~ The Guardian

The deck I love the most, out of all the decks on the market, is of course, The Wildwood and most of you know that it has connected with me on a level that no other deck has reached.

Autumn for me is about clearing up and packing away. It’s about taking it easy (*cough*) and getting ready for the coming cold months. I’ve no corn dolly again this year but I have a few more Halloween / Samhain decorations around the house (away from the front door) that the kids can enjoy. I’ve got their sweets ready for trick or treating (more treating than trickery) and a day out planned with family.

Major 13 The Journey
Major 13
The Journey

What do you love to do? I love talking Tarot with other readers and sharing spread ideas. In The Wildwood Tarot Study Group on Facebook, Theresa Mills shared a Samhain Spread from the Aeclectic Tarot site. I share it with you here and over the weekend, I’ll document and share this reading. At this time of year, The Wildwood is about facing the challenges of the winter, taking stock,  facing up to and over-coming our internal hurdles.

The two Majors I have shown here indicate that strongly and I love working things out in my head, even if I never get them to materialise in the real world.

Here’s the spread I mention above.

Samhain Spread


1. Autumn Yield (what can be used)
2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside)
3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to)

4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods)
5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide)
6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters)

7. What to say goodbye to…
8. What to remember…
9. Results/conclusion

Wheel of the Year Spread
Wheel of the Year – 2011

It looks much simpler than my Wheel Spread of 3 cards per month (this image to the left) that I tried to blog with monthly a few years back. Do you remember that? I certainly didn’t love updating it each month, but I did enjoy doing it!

Now, I shall enjoy some quiet time tomorrow evening and do the Samhain spread above. I will also enjoy some chocolate and a glass of white wine whilst sitting near one of the log burners (other things I love to indulge in) and perhaps grab an early night.

So, as the veil is now at its thinnest, what do you love? Who have you loved and lost and wish to remember this evening? This could be pets (I’ve a few of them) relatives, grand-parents, brothers, sisters, friends… the list of who has gone before us is endless but I hope you remember them with gentleness, love and a smile.

Now, if you’d like to visit Morgan’s site, the links to his after me and Ania’s before me, are below. And should you be lost in the fog, Ali has the Master Blog Hop list in the middle.


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Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain and Love

23 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain and Love

  1. I think this is a great topic for this time of year. It it lovely to read about the thing you love and the passions you have 🙂

  2. Yes, looking very forward to reading your spread when you’re ready to post! There isn’t much of a golden crown where I currently live, so I love reading about what others are experiencing this fall 🙂

    1. Bottom – hahaha! (Laughs like a Minion 😉 )
      Yes, go and visit the Forum – always good to have members use the facilities!
      Let me know if you do this spread – will be good to visit and comment. Mine goes live Sunday morning, 10am GMT. 🙂

  3. That’s a fantastic spread for this time of year! I always look forward to the reassessment that comes with Samhain, and the preparation for the year ahead through the winter. Autumn is my favourite time of year 🙂

    1. I always love this time of year too, even though I’m technically a winter baby, I just love the autumn and the smell of bonfires, toffee apples and kicking through the leaves! 🙂
      Do try the spread, it’s rather neat 🙂

  4. Lovely post, Louise 🙂 I especially like the line about remembering our loved ones gently, with a smile! I hadn’t thought to remember my pets, but did a tribute reading to my grandmother, bless her soul.

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