Week Ahead: The Fisher King and Restoration

This week, Pelles, the Fisher King with his ability to plan and wait for restoration, comes to join us. I think we’re in for a good week!

The only thing I know about The Fisher King is that Robin Williams made a movie called The Fisher King: beyond that, I am pretty clueless. However, reading the book, it seems that this King was forced to take things pretty darned easy, due to him fighting with Balin. I know that Balin killed Garlon.

Fisher King

Pelles wasn’t keen on the use of magic but relented when he realised that unless he engineered the birth of the Grail winner, (Galahad) he was doomed.

Despite the unorthodox methods used to conceive the child, Galahad did wield the lance to heal the King and the land. Pelles retired to a monastery after the quest was completed, and ended his days as a holy man, after fully undergoing restoration.

His knowledge and wisdom are plentiful and his understanding of human suffering brings counsel to all those who undertake their own personal quest.

We’ve had the message these last few weeks through the Tarot and the Camelot Oracle that we ought to dig deep, call on the resources within. Well, the problem with doing that, is that it leaves a hole. Often, a big one and we need an empty well within us, one we need a hole in the head. So, it’s time to replenish the well, provide ourselves with some restoration for the future.

So that we don’t end up with the inner-well being depleted again, we need to work on our vulnerabilities and strengthen them. We need to find sustenance, so what sustains you? Brush up on your skills, especially the ones you’ve been neglecting. Work out what your weak point is and guard it. Find the negative and turn it to your advantage. Accept help when you are offered it and follow through what makes you stronger.

Now, I have Christina Aguileria’s song “Fighter” going through my head. Keep on fighting but remember to restore yourselves as you go. It’s important.

Deck used was the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington.
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Week Ahead: The Fisher King and Restoration

2 thoughts on “Week Ahead: The Fisher King and Restoration

  1. Thanks for reminding me that there’s a time for everything: A time to dig deep and a time to rest and restore.
    I find sustenance in quiet time with myself, in reading , writing and meditating but I have to admit that the internet it so tempting an distracting, I am depriving myself of my own private time

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