Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

This week we’re reminded about injustice within our personal world and within The Wildwood. Have you made a decision?

Two of Arrows Injustice
Two of Arrows

A few times recently I’ve heard this phrase (or something pretty darned close to it): not making a decision is also a decision, often the wrong one. As the Two of Arrows joins us today, could our fear of an injustice cause us to not make a decision, this creating more problems later on?


Fear can be paralysing; it causes inaction and stagnation but what if doing nothing is the biggest injustice of all? But what if the injustice is caused by others and we suffer it in silence?Β  It is a lesson learned the hard way I feel that the only people who can take our power away really, is us. If we give it away or let others walk over us, we lose the power and that, is an injustice.

We can also add to that injustice by not acting or speaking up when we see others do this to those who haven’t yet learned the power of the word “No”. There’s always a balance to be struck with keeping your own power, helping others find their power and preventing an injustice. Is that possible?

I believe it is, but it’s a bit like standing on wet stepping-stones. It is very easy to fall off and get yourself wet and into trouble right up to your neck (and indeed, even beyond that!) An injustice can also be done by sitting on the fence, even if that’s where your boundaries end, when really you need to get off your lovely derriΓ¨re and stand on your two feet (even if it is in a figurative sense!) and be counted.

Some questions to consider today are: Can I meet this person in the middle? Can I say yes without harming / crossing my own boundaries? Is what I’m being asked to do, reasonable? What do I need to do to make those scales truly balance?

I also find that being honest with your inner self prevents you doing an injustice to yourself. Yes, it IS possible to be your own worst friend and enemy.

Decks used were The Wildwood by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington. Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler
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Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

10 thoughts on “Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

  1. We “do” so much through inaction. Failing to act on behalf of justice, as you write about; failure to act on our own behalf when we need to take action/speak up to take better care of ourself; failure to do what’s right just because we are caught in paralysis or inertia. I like the image on the card very much as a reminder of what happens when we stay caught between inaction and action. I’m going to reflect on what action I need to take today, not just to go outside my comfort zone a bit and do what’s right, but also to protect my boundaries and take very good care of myself.

    1. That is something I also need to do, Judy, but like every other busy woman / mother / entrepreneur, time becomes an illusion (lunch-time doubly so πŸ˜‰ – Douglas Adams)

  2. Not copping out here, but I really have nothing to say or add – your post is great, and it’s a lovely way to understand the 2 of Arrows πŸ™‚

  3. I find I don’t want to talk about things i can’t control, like the government. I don’t want to add energy or focus to those things. Fear about anything just gives it more energy and focus and can cause to bring it about. That is my belief. I want to see things in a positive light.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

    1. Fair comment Julieanne but the politicians seem to forget who put them in office and who they’re supposed to serve.
      Politics and religion seem to be the most dividing subjects in life I find and yes, best left alone 99% of the time and not poked! Lol πŸ™‚

  4. Wow this post really spoke to me! I am currently in a bit of a position of self-imprisonment as I navigate the rollercoaster world of motherhood. There are a lot of situations around me where I should speak up and don’t, and then I fall into the trap of beating myself up about it inwardly. Thanks for sharing Louise, this helped give me some perspective and I will work on my ‘inner demons.’

    With regards to the issues in the wider world, personally I need to sort myself and my family out before I can tackle the rest of it…

    1. Good morning Catherine πŸ™‚

      I’m glad the post spoke to you. πŸ™‚

      As for the rest of the World and its problems; I agree! One however cannot deny the influence of wider family, friends, work colleagues, even partners.

      Life is a roller coaster – Ronan Keatings song, anyone?? πŸ˜‰

  5. Lovely way of explaining this card. I’d never thought about it this way.

    It reminds me of the problem we see so often in big cities where robberies, acts of vandalism (or whatever) occur and witnesses do absolutely nothing to stop them out of fear. Fear for their own safety, I suppose. (which is valid). But I personally feel we should all practice citizenship – and that means recognising that we’re all in it together and have a duty of care to each other.

    Anyway…that’s just what your post brought up for me. Thanks!

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